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Update as of August 28, 2014: I just received an email from an associate of Korea who has offered to translate the petition in Korean to send it to users in Korea! It’ll link to the original petition so that way the number of signatures are totaled! :D

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British Model Jourdan Dunn Makes History on Forbes Richest Models List.
Whilst 34-year-old German-Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen ranks highest on the list with earnings amassing to $47 million, before taxes and fees, over the past 12 months, 24-year-old Dunn isn’t doing too badly for herself with earnings of $4 million at this stage of her career, and being in an industry heavily dominated by white models - something Dunn has been vocal about.
Another reason to celebrate Dunn’s feature on this of 21 models, who made $142 million between in the past year, is that Dunn is the first black British model to ever enter the Forbes richest models list.
Before you bring up Naomi Campbell’s name, though she made a considerable amount of money during her peak days as both a runway and editorial model in the 90s and early 2000s, Forbes invented this list in 2006 after Naomi’s hey-day in the fashion industry. The list is put together based on a model’s earnings from fashion-related jobs and endorsements over the past 12 months. American model Joan Smalls was the only other black model to make the cut. Liu Wen and Adriana Lima*, who came in at number 3, make up the non-white models on the list.
However, despite the glitz and glamour that surrounds the life of a model, most models don’t get paid for runway gigs or editorial features and, according to Forbes, opportunities with top haute couture brands may not always pay as much as we think they do.
See the full list here.
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*Lima identifies as both Afro-Brazilian and Mixed-race.
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